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November 2016

MT - Tiger I

Tiger by Michael Turner

Michael’s newest creation is also his most ambitious to date. His ‘Tiger’ has an imposing presence at over 2 metres in height and 2.5 metres in length.

The interwoven copper elements are a striking addition subtly highlighting the animals form and contrasting superbly with the stainless steel.

Michael’s Tiger is now on display at the gallery.


July 2014

Michael Turner – ‘Hammerhead’

During July sculptor Michael Turner will be showing the newest piece in his continuing exploration of marine creatures.

The Hammerhead shark is a fearsome predator adept at hunting in large schools or alone and distinctive in its appearance.

The high level of detail that Michael has become known for is abundant; from the careful overlap of the gills to the ridges in the ‘hammer’, denoting the variation in species.