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June 2017


Moving Forward by Jill Berelowitz on Park Lane

T5 Gallery artist Jill Berelowitz is currently displaying her

Moving Forward installation outside the iconic Dorchester hotel on Park Lane in the heart of London.

The installation is on display as part of Westminster City Council’s ‘City of Sculpture’ programme.

The installation occupies a prominent position and projects a positive message of introspection and a global outlook for the UK and the world. 


March 2017

MS - Legacy (Heathrow 1)

Michael Speller Legacy at Terminal 5

The T5 Gallery in partnership with Heathrow Airport are currently displaying Michael Speller’s ‘Legacy’ sculpture at Terminal 5.

The sculpture stands 12 foot tall and acts as a powerful representation of unity and diversity.

It was originally commissioned for The Gateway Surgical Centre in Newham, London.

The gallery is also currently displaying a small version of the sculpture.

September 2016

JB - Mind's Eye Tree Maquette

Mind’s Eye Tree by Jill Berelowitz

Jill Berelowitz was commissioned to produce a large scale public artwork in celebration of the 400th anniversary of British playwright William Shakespeare. The sculpture entitled ‘Mind’s Eye Tree’ stands at 5.5 metres in height and was recently unveiled at Shakespeare’s New Place in Stratford-upon-Avon.

In celebration of this historic commission, a limited edition scale maquette has been produced recreating the commission in superb detail. The maquette is now available for sale at the gallery.

May 2015


Chelsea Flower Show 2015

The T5 Gallery is pleased to announce that three gallery artists will be displaying works at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

Michael Speller, Paul Vanstone and Lorne McKean will be showing new and existing works for the duration of the show. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet with the artists and discuss their work from Tuesday 19th until Saturday 23rd of May.

October 2014

New work by Michael Speller

Originally presented for the first time at Chelsea Flower Show early this year, the gallery is now displaying ‘Inspire’ by sculptor Michael Speller.

Like with most of Michael’s work, ‘Inspire’ is the figurative form distilled down to its purest elements.

The figure itself appears suspended within a perfect ellipse, arms outstretched and the torso elegantly coiled.

Words and phrases such as ‘Dream’, ‘Forward’ and the title itself, ‘Inspire’ have been applied by hand, imbuing the work with an inconspicuous depth and sense of meaning.

April 2014

Michael Speller ‘Balance’ video

To coincide with his 2013 ‘Balance’ solo show, sculptor Michael Speller has produced a video to provide an insight in to his working process.

Michael speaks about the ideas and concepts that give life to his sculptures. He describes the intensive process of producing a bronze and the many intrinsic steps involved. From the initial concept, through the making and finally the placement of a work within the environment.

The video can be viewed on Youtube via the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynSkbT7MsQg


March 2014

Introducing Paige Bradley

The T5 Gallery is pleased to present Paige Bradley showing with the gallery for the first time.

Paige is internationally renowned for her stunning figurative works that fuse classical nudes studies with modern forms of movement and expression. She regularly exhibits in the UK and USA and is sought for various public and private commissions.

The gallery will be showing two sculptures from Paige’s acclaimed ‘Dancers’ series and further pieces from her ‘Couples’ series and ‘Liberation’s’ series. All the works are linked through the use of a contrasting silver ‘fabric’ element, at once both binding and releasing the figures.