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August 2017

MT - Lion 3

Terminal 5 VAT reclaim lounge sculptures

From August the T5 Gallery will be displaying sculptures in the newly opened Terminal 5 VAT reclaim lounge.

The lounge is located directly opposite the gallery and will display smaller works from T5 Gallery artists over the coming months.

The first works to be displayed will be from Michael Turner, a Lion and Falcon both in stainless steel.

This will be followed by Jo Vane’s ‘Wave I’, with works rotated on a regular basis.


July 2017

AB - Eagle

New sculpture by Andy Baerselman

The T5 Gallery is pleased to present a new sculpture by Andy Baerselman. His Eagle has been crafted from Italian poplar wood, creating a seamless form that inhabits the line between the purely figurative and the abstract.

The dark tones on the upper half highlight the power of the wings while also contrasting beautifully with the natural finish of the wood on the underside.

May 2017

ZH - AL Khamsa (New ss)

Zil Hoque new works

From May the gallery will be displaying two new large scale paintings by Zil Hoque.

Both paintings exude a strong sense of place and atmosphere through rich dusty hues which allow the powerful subject matter (stallions in ‘Al Khamsa’ and bulls in ‘Lidians II’) to take centre stage. 

March 2017

MS - Legacy (Heathrow 1)

Michael Speller Legacy at Terminal 5

The T5 Gallery in partnership with Heathrow Airport are currently displaying Michael Speller’s ‘Legacy’ sculpture at Terminal 5.

The sculpture stands 12 foot tall and acts as a powerful representation of unity and diversity.

It was originally commissioned for The Gateway Surgical Centre in Newham, London.

The gallery is also currently displaying a small version of the sculpture.

February 2017

01 DofE Heathrow Screens_Montage - Copy

‘We are DofE’ photo exhibition

The T5 Gallery is pleased to be exhibiting photographs in support of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is the world’s leading achievement award for young people. 2016 marked the 60th year since its founding by the DofE Prince Philip.

The photographs will be on view from the 9th of February until the 9th of March 2017.


January 2017

WR - Runaways

Will Rochfort ‘Runaways’

The gallery is pleased to present a new painting by Will Rochfort for the New Year.

‘Runaways’ depicts a timeless bar scene full of charm and intrigue. What conversations are taking place, what lives do these people lead and who are the red roses intended for?

Will is able to weave a narrative into each of his paintings lending each piece a subtle depth.

December 2016

AB - Prowling Jaguar

Andy Baerselman ‘Prowling Jaguar’

For December the T5 Gallery is pleased to introduce a new sculpture by Andy Baerselman. His ‘Prowling Jaguar’ is a masterful work in wood with a seamless form that flows from tail to face. The deep tones across the body work to highlight the muscular form of the beast.

The T5 Gallery would also like to take the opportunity to thank our clients for their continued support.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.