Sept 2012



With the Olympic and Paralympic Games now over we would like to reflect on a wonderful two years. It has been a fantastic summer of sport for Great Britain and, as the Host Airport for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Heathrow has been the first – and last – port of call for 80 per cent of all Olympic and Paralympic Games family and visitors to the UK. The gallery and our artists have been dedicated to creating an Olympic and Paralympic legacy for this momentous summer and we can now celebrate the achievement of this legacy. Over the last two years our artists have met with and artistically represented a number of athletes including; David Weir, Mark Hunter, Oscar Pistorius, Lee Pearson, Sophie Christiansen, Ade Adepitan and Frankie Jones. Portraits and sculptures of these dedicated athletes have been exhibited in the gallery over the last two years and have inspired countless travellers and young people, who may one day follow on in their footsteps. We have recorded a legacy for future generations to look back on and understand London 2012.

It has been a fantastic couple of years and would like to extend out thanks to our wonderful artists, the inspirational athletes we have been honoured to work with, Heathrow staff and volunteers, friends of the gallery and all gallery visitors.

Moving forward the gallery will now be known as the T5 Gallery. The gallery walls will be dedicated to international young emerging artists with monumental sculpture at the core of the space. We look forward to our new artistic journey and the artists, friends and visitors we will meet along the way.


Photograph by David Dyson


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