May 2012 – part 2


Charity Silent Auction Launch

The Terminal 5 Expo Fine Art Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of an Olympic and Paralympic silent auction. The auction launches on 18th May and bids are accepted both in the gallery and via email. In addition, all proceeds over the artist’s reserve will be donated to charity.

The Terminal 5 Expo Fine Art Gallery honours the best of Britain’s sportsmen and women as we eagerly countdown to the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games. In 776BC, at the very first Olympics, artists were following athletes and similarly, the gallery and our artists are committed to creating an artistic legacy for the Games. We are constantly looking at ways to make every journey better at Heathrow and provide passengers with an immediate taste of British sport and culture, and believe that this art exhibition will be as captivating as it is unexpected. We hope that this silent auction enables everyone to own a piece of this artistic legacy and celebrate this momentous sporting event.

The artwork available in the silent auction covers a variety of mediums and is directly inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Our artists have taken inspiration from the construction of the Olympic Village, the Olympic and Paralympic mottos and in some cases, they have met with the athletes themselves to capture their likeness and talent in a medium that will last for generations to come. The Olympic and Paralympic athletes featured in the artwork listed in the silent auction, have personally selected charities which a proportion of the sale of their portraits will be donated to. Artwork will be released in stages from 18th May until the end of the Paralympic Games.

Please view artwork available to purchase through the silent auction at:!auction


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