March 2012 – part 2


Christine Charlesworth and Ade Adepitan MBE

The Terminal 5 Expo Fine Art Gallery is thrilled to welcome artist Christine Charlesworth and her sculpture of Paralympic medalist and TV Presenter Ade Adepitan MBE.

Christine first met Ade during an exhibition of her artwork at Canada House in London, where she discovered him admiring her sculpture ‘High Jump’. He was particularly impressed with the movement and power in her work and it was from this chance meeting, that the idea of a portrait sculpture collaboration, emerged.

Initially Christine’s portrait was to take the form of a traditional head and shoulders sculpture, however, as Christine began to work with Ade she realised how important it was to show him in motion. Christine held an initial photography session with Ade, taking measurements for the final piece and photographing him performing jumps and wheelies in his chair. Christine vividly remembers the day: “I was amazed at how much the wheelchair was part of his body; so light that he could fling it round all over the place, fall over but bounce back”. This encounter lead to a dynamic sculpture design, capturing Ade, his chair and the unity in movement of the two.

Christine’s stunning sculpture is cast in bronze and truly captures this Great British athlete in action. She explains: “In this sculpture I have aimed to not only capture Ade’s likeness but also his amazing physical strength and determination, together with the lightness of his wheelchair”. For her portrait of Ade Adepitan, Christine won the American Square Conference (ASC) Award for Sculpture at the Society of Women Artists 150th Anniversary exhibition held at The Mall Galleries in London, last Summer. The award was presented by HRH Princess Michael of Kent.

Christine remembers showing Ade the sculpture for the first time: “When Ade saw the finished clay for the first time he first checked his muscles, then his hair before turning to me with the well-known Ade smile filling his face with joy”. Christine is honoured to have depicted such a talented and dedicated sports person and the Terminal 5 Expo Fine Art Gallery is honoured to be able to make this wonderful sculpture available to the public.

“Winning Shot” can be seen at the Terminal 5 Expo Fine Art Gallery from 20th March.

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