April 2012 – part 1


Artist in Residence: Faye Nasser-Joley

Faster, Higher, Stronger

The independence of character, strength, loyalty and vulnerability; a horse’s experience of Human Games.

The Terminal 5 Expo Fine Art Gallery is delighted to introduce our Artist in Residence: Faye Nasser-Joley. Her equestrian themed exhibition entitled “Faster, Higher, Stronger” will be on display in the gallery throughout April until 17th May. The artist herself will be painting in the gallery during this period and will be answering questions on her artwork.

The Terminal 5 Expo Fine Art Gallery is one of the first galleries situated in an airport. As the host airport for the 2012 Games, Heathrow is constantly looking at ways to make every journey better and the gallery provides passengers with an immediate taste of British sport and culture. Faye Nasser-Joley will be one of Heathrow’s first artists in residence.

Faye Nasser-Joley is an inspirational artist with a humanist conscience. Painting since the age of three, Faye has won numerous awards and has also achieved a first class Art degree. She has gone on to become one of England’s most talented emerging artists, with clients and collectors in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Her portraiture, whether human or equine, intimately captures the essence of the individual. This innovative approach has led to many high profile commissions, such as a portrait for Stirling Moss OBE and a portrait of Paralympian Lee Pearson’s horse, Gentleman.

Faye was born with only 50% of her hearing. This hearing impairment from a young age forced Faye to overcompensate with her visual ability: reading emotion from facial expressions and dialogue through lip reading. This visual focus led her to painting, as a way to capture the emotion she saw all around her but could not hear. To this day Faye wears hearing aids but removes them whenever she paints, preferring to paint unhindered by noise.

In the lead up to the 2012 Olympics, Faye has immersed herself in equestrian art. Focusing specifically on the internal presence of her subjects, she has created some truly exquisite equestrian pieces. Faye’s exhibition is hugely influenced by the 2012 Games: using the Games motto as her exhibition title and naming her paintings after the twelve Olympic Gods of Greek mythology. In addition, Faye has painted one of Britain’s greatest horses: Gentleman, Paralympian Lee Pearson’s champion horse. Faye believes that “the things we value in the Games are the same things we value in a horse: achievement, strength, determination. However, this exhibition explores the horse as the focus, separate from their human counterparts: the independence of character, strength, loyalty and vulnerability and the horse’s experience of the human led Games”.

Faye’s work attempts to awaken the viewer to the essence and being of the creature she is painting. It’s the special magic which emerges when Faye connects with the subject, allowing the interior and unseeable beauty to emerge from the external physicality, depicted with oil paints. Faye creates works with a vulnerable and emotive sensation, where the purity and innocence of her subject is almost too lovely to behold.

Faye Nasser-Joley’s exhibition “Faster, Higher, Stronger” will feature Olympic, Arab and thoroughbred horses and can be seen from 5th April to 17th May.

Faye will be in the gallery throughout the Easter weekend and Thursdays and Fridays across the exhibition. If you would like to arrange to meet the artist in the gallery on another day please contact: Samantha@highperformanceart.co.uk


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