Nov 2011


A Royal Portrait

During November the gallery is honoured to show a unique exhibition from artist Darren Baker in support of the Royal British Legion. The centre piece of the upcoming exhibition will be Darren’s recent stunning portrait of Her Majesty The Queen, commissioned to mark the Royal British Legion’s 90th year and the Queen’s 85th birthday. The national president of The Royal British Legion, Sir John Kiszely, commented that Darren’s work is “one of the most remarkably realistic portraits of our Monarch this century”. The Queen has been the Royal British Legion’s patron since 1953 and Darren’s painting celebrates this relationship with intricate Remembrance details: the Queen is pictured in the Royal British Legion’s signature royal blue colour with a spray of poppies pinned to her left shoulder, and Her Majesty’s wrist-watch set to 11 o’clock for Remembrance.

Sarah Lewis, Account Manager for Sponsorship and Experience at Heathrow said “Heathrow is thrilled and honoured to exhibit this landmark piece of artwork and British history by Darren Baker and in support of the Royal British Legion. As the host London 2012 airport, we are constantly looking at ways to provide passengers with an immediate taste of British sport and culture and we believe that this exhibition and our partnership with the Royal British Legion will provide a truly unique and inspirational airport experience.”

The exhibition will run from 7th to 14th November with donations towards the Royal British Legion.


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